Saturday, April 2, 2011


I was a senior in high school when I met probably the most inspirational and important people in my life.

Russ and Katie Mohr.

Who knew that as an awkward 17 year old, these two incredible folks would stumble on into my life and start to teach, form, and shape me into much of the person I am today.

Russ undertook the spectacularly modge-podged worship team that we had put together and began to teach us worship leadership and devotion through his passion and heart for the Lord and music.

Katie taught me grace and accountability through leading me as a discipler and teaching me how to lead other young women into the knowledge and goodness of God. Yup...this is our first Dgroup together! And yes...we are the twinsies in the awesome bandana headbands!

Both poured out time, love, encouragement, wisdom, and guidance into my life.

And as a couple, both taught me how important it is to put God first as a foundation in marriage, to love your spouse unconditionally through all things, and to still laugh and have fun while you journey through it!

Their journey has not only been inspirational, but a constant reminder that God truly has incredible and often surprising plans for our lives. I respect and admire them the most for faithfully following Him through the ups and downs and continuing to glorify His name in all circumstances.

Ok...I won't go through the whole next 10 years of life...but if you don't know them or their story...check it out on Katie's blog! It really is amazing!

All this to say, they are in the process of adopting their second child this spring and Russ has put together an absolutely incredible worship album as a part of their fundraising effort! It is downloadable and only costs $10 (or more if you wish to contribute more)!

Ok....not kidding guys!! It is SOOOO GOOD!! You don't want to miss out because seriously, not only is it great music...but this album is full of passion and truly ushers you into a beautiful place of worship.

So, if you are looking for some new worship music and would love to be a part of helping out the Mohr's...then...don't hesitate!  Click on this link to take you to the site to purchase the album!

Here is to amazing friends and the life-changing impact that each of us have the opportunity to make and to those who choose to do it!