The story of our adoption begins a few years ago, as we began to walk down the road of "infertility." We decided early on that we wanted to invest our time and money into adoption rather than procedures and testings. In December 2011, we officially decided to start the process of adopting from Ethiopia! After a year into the process of our Ethiopian adoption, we felt called to pursue and adoption of a 6 year old girl from South Africa! So, we now find ourselves in the middle of 2 crazy and amazing adoption stories! There are days that we feel like we have NO idea what we are doing and days that we feel totally overwhelmed with what we ARE doing! But, through each day, we experience God's faithfulness, peace, and love as we look forward to our future family and the plans that He has in store for us! For more detail about journey, check out our blog post HERE!

Thank you for following us on this journey and for your support! If you are interested in ways that you can be help, please click HERE.

Adoption is an incredible opportunity to care for those who need homes, families and love. It is also an incredible picture of the gift of life that God has given us as His children! Here are some amazing organizations that support the care of children and orphans all over the world. We encourage you to check them out, get involved, and take every opportunity that you can to love the orphans in our world!

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