Saturday, January 21, 2012

In case you were wondering...

Yup. That is right folks! We have officially started down the road of adoption! And holy cow...

And we are STOKED!!!!

More than 2 years ago, we started having conversations about our future, our family, our desires for what that family might look like. Knowing that we had some odds against us, we brought up the idea of adoption...scary and seemingly unrealistic. But, both of our hearts were filled when we would think about even the idea! God was clearly moving...and we are learning not to mess with God.

Over this past year, we have been to doctors, had some testing done, and done our fair share of research as to the problems we were facing with our own intentions of being pregnant. We sat down and made the decision that this would be as far as we were going to go. No needles, no excessive testing, no procedures. If we were going to spend our money somewhere, it was going to be on a child that needed a home.

Now obviously we had our own plans. Right?
The ones that when God says "Walk Forward," you say, "God...clearly not right now. You obviously don't understand our timeline or plans!"

We decided to wait to pay off our debts, set into place a secure savings, and THEN pursue an adoption that would take maybe 2 or more years. Sounds solid, yeah?! We thought so too!

But, God had different plans.

There is honestly nothing scarier and more awesome than going to your spouse with a tug on your heart to do something that you had specifically talked about NOT doing and then finding out that they had the same tug. And that tug....well that tug is changing our lives.

God is moving and preparing, we are trusting and praying (and filling out TONS of paperwork), and within the next few years...we will be the proudest parents of a little boy or girl from Ethiopia!

This is the beginning of our journey and we are so scared, nervous, excited, elated, and looking forward to what God has in store for us...because we know the end result is going to be incredible!

And that is why God rocks.


  1. I know it is WAY WAY WAY too early to pack my bags and be there for this glorious for now I will be praying that the Lord will bless each step along the way.....that He will strengthen you through the emotional roller coaster that this can become....that He will put into place all the financial needs......and that He will bless you with a very very special child.....I am crying tears of joy.....

  2. So amazing! we would love to be praying for you guys throughout the process! so exciting!