Monday, January 30, 2012

With Great Faith...

God is ALREADY rockin' our socks off throughout this whole process of adoption! We feel so blessed by the responses that we have already gotten of support and encouragement! We just wanted to share with you really quickly how AMAZINGLY cool this is...

Our next adoption step will cost us $550.
We arrived home last night from leading an awe-filled and super incredible College Group Winter Retreat feeling so filled and so pumped up about the ways that God has been working. When we got in the door, we were greeted with a pile of mail that had arrived on Saturday. After opening a few notes of encouragement that we received, including a special gift from one of my best friends in the world, we added up what we have in our adoption account.

The total: $549.57!

Just 43 cents short of our goal for this next part of the process!

So cool to be reminded of God's faithfulness, provision, and that He is a big enough God to be working and moving in more than one way at the same time!


  1. oh Jessa, that is SO totally awesome!! I'm so happy for you guys!!

  2. so amazing!! Love it! We pray more favor & more provision!! Stoked for you guys!!