Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Getting the Word Out...

Wow...I feel like someone who looks at a map on paper of what it looks like to run a marathon and says, "FO SHO! I got this in the bag!"
You slip into those running shorts, lace up those tennis shoes, charge up the iPod, and hop on the road, then realizes 2 blocks later that running is way harder and way more exhausting than it looks on paper.

Yup. That is me today.

But lets be honest...I TOTALLY want to do it! I just didn't realize the actual "running" part isn't as easy as the Nike commercials make it out to be.

I've got the shoes. Got the map. Got the jams. Now we just need help training! So, I'm calling on all of you who have better lungs and better training than I do...


As we begin our adoption journey, we are going to need all the help that we can get! We already have felt the love and support of so many around us and feel so blessed by our friends and family. But, we still need help! We believe so deeply in this call, so deeply in the Lord's faithfulness, and so deeply in the whole process of adoption and God's call on all of our lives to love and protect the orphans!

So, how can you help? Just talk about it! Let people know about us or others that are going through this journey. Direct people to our blog. Get involved!

I've learned that it is easier to run with an accountability partner anyway. So...let's lace up those tennies and get going!

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  1. oh my... this is so, so great. i can't imagine two people more fitted to be FUN, wonderful parents!!