march 2011: diagnosis of infertility trouble

december 29, 2011: pre-application to Bethany Christian Services

december 30, 2011: pre-application results received and ACCEPTED!

january 13, 2012: decision to adopt from Ethiopia

january 20, 2012: first meeting and orientation with social worker

january 21, 2012: completed Formal Application

january 25, 2012: approved to start Home Study

february 3, 2012: met with Bethany social worker for our Intake Appointment and completed 2 out of 4 Home Study meetings

february 28, 2012: Individual Interviews with Bethany complete! 1 more meeting to go to finish our Home Study!

march 10, 2012: Completed Adoption Training for Home Study.

april 3, 2012: Completed Home Study!!

june 1, 2012: Home Study finally approved by BCSI! And...dossier almost complete! We've been busy in the last few months!

june 22, 2012: USCIS Application received and waiting for approval!

august 3, 2012: USCIS Approval Received!

august 7, 2012: Complete Dossier sent to Bethany

september 20, 2012: Dossier authenticated and on it's way to Ethiopia!

january 2013: God placed on our hearts a little girl in South Africa

february 2013: Began the process a 2nd adoption process to bring our 6 year old home!

march 2013: Home Study complete, waiting on our USCIS Approval to send in our Dossier

may 2013: USCIS APPROVED, Dossier State Sealed and sent it! WAHOO!

june 2013: Dossier official in country and waiting on our official referral and court date!

july 2013: Approved by the Central Authorities

august 2013: Move to Minnesota, requiring an Home Study Update and a few bumps in the process

september 2013: Received our official referral!!

october 2013: Home Study Update complete and I800 application sent to USCIS. Waiting for court date and praying to leave before South African courts close in December

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