Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ring. Ring. Ring.

You know that phone call that you avoid from a friend you haven't talked to for a long time, not because you don't want to talk to them but because it has been so long since you've talked that you know the conversation will just take a ton of hours that you just don't seem to have available?

My blog is calling.

I think we need a coffee date.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Favorable Determination

Wow. That is a fancy and somewhat confusing way of saying to an adoptive family "HECK YES!! WE APPROVE YOU!!!"

Or at least, that is how I read it when I walked in the door last night from a day at the lake with 80 High School and College Students.

It may have been the sunburn.
It may have been the jostling of my brain from the tube that I was on while being dragged (and yes...I mean clinging for my life dragged) through the water.
It may have even been the two hot dogs minus the buns that I had served to me in a cup by a 5th grade girl.

Either way, it took me a solid 60 seconds to wrap my mind around the fact that...

On the last day of our Summer Student Ministries, the last day of wrapping up a crazy and amazing season of being with students and encouraging their (and our) relationship with Christ, we come home to this:

That would be the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services saying "we approve you to take one step closer to your child." 

That would be the last document that we need for our dossier. 

That would be the last check mark on our "Documents Needed" Checklist. 

And believe me....that is one BIG FAT...