Friday, May 27, 2011

Change in Thumb Colors

I have notoriously been known as a "brown thumb."

That would be the opposite of a "green thumb."

My dear husband dubbed me with the name two years ago, when in an attempt to transform our backyard into a springtime haven....I managed to slowly kill everything green in sight.

The following year, my mom came out to visit and helped me plant an entire garden full of color and growth...even eatable things! The challenge seemed simple. Maintain.

Two months later....the reign of "brown thumb" returned.

It seems as though it is inevitable, but for some reason, every year when that warm weather and fresh air blow in...I seem to forget that nasty colored phalange and skip on over to the nearest nursery to spend a small fortune on varies assortments of perrenials, annuals, herbs, and tomato plants.

People....this year is different. I have researched. I have magazines, websites, plant food sticks, watering cans and new pair of gloves! Don't stop me!!

This is the year of a new kind of thumb color!!

1 comment:

  1. You can do this.....and your thumb will be LIME GREEN and smell like Basil ! Have fun X@