Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sup World!

I feel like I should start this post like I started my diary when I was 13.
"Dear Diary,
So sorry that it has been a while since I've written. I have been so busy..."
(which....I think I would LOVE to know what I was "busy" with when I was 13)

But for reals....
Sorry it has been a while. I would like to say it really has been because I've been busy...but really it has been because I've been busy being not-busy. At least for the last few weeks.
That is right.
I checked out.
See ya on the flip!
Hasta Luego!
(that is about as far as my "goodbyes" in other languages takes me)

It was a nice little break away from the chaos of life because let's see...since we last talked we have braved a Tsunami Warning, redone our backyard, planned and executed an amazing Oregon Mission Trip, thrown an end of the year 200 person party, managed to loose the capabilities of reverse in our car, fight off and be somewhat conquered by spring allergies, hire a summer intern, take a trip to St. Louis, on top of the usual day to day small groups, youth groups, Sunday School, meetings, worship, planning, organizing, cleaning, as well as solve the world's dilemma of world peace.

Ok...maybe not the world peace thing...but we are working on it.

After some much needed R&R at the Heyse B&B and some fantastic soul time with old friends and new family members....I'm feelin....well....back.

And apart from the couple days under the weather with some cold-like symptoms...and after the heroic attempt at caring for me by my husband (which lasted about 12 hours before he gave me a puppy dog look and with a great sigh said "I'm ready for you to feel better") I'm ready. I think. 

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  1. You ROCK my are super woman in my eyes....I so loved having you home for a brief, yet wonderful moment in time. I loved spoiling you, hearing you laugh, play the piano, sing to your nephew, share your thoughts and dreams, spend time with your sisters and life long friends. OH IT WAS SO SWEET AND SPECIAL and I wish we could do it once a month......SIGH...sigh...sigh.....the Lord is holding you in the palm of HIS hands and HE alone will give you the gift, strength, and capacity to forge onward. I LOVE YOU DEARLY