Thursday, July 21, 2011

Celeb Siting?

Alright folks, I do not want to alarm you...however...

I am 78.6% sure that...

Amy Winehouse goes to my Zumba class.

I have no picture proof (I have not worked up the courage yet to sneak a photo op from my position in the far back of the room...but believe me...I will post it once I do!). And I know what you are thinking...why would Amy Winehouse be in Modesto, CA? This is part of why the percentage of my "sureness" is so low. However, it would not be the first celeb at my gym. Herm Edwards, anyone?

I have also placed the percentage so low because...holy cow...girl can't dance.

But, if it isn't is for sure a relative. I would go as far to say...TWIN!

So, other than looks...why am I convinced?

When the instructor tells us to hydrate after a song...she takes a swag drink of Rockstar.


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