Saturday, October 29, 2011

All Work and ALWAYS Play!

The Anderson's had an HGTV moment today.
Calendars marked.
Time cleared.
Cell phones thrown in the trash...
Come on people! Not really! We had to use them for instructions!

All that to be said. WE GOT STUFF DONE!!
There were a few things around our apartment that most renters would call upon their landlord to fix. But we, being the people that don't like to do things the easy way, decided to take on the challenge of fixin' her up instead!
And so...our list looked something like this...
1. Replace back garage door.
2. Paint front door.
3. Replace handles on windows that had fallen off and/or needed Stone Cold Steve Austin to open.
4. Fix back screen door.
5. Rearrange living room for fall season (since we can only have our couch in one place during the summer due to the awesome window AC that we have pumpin' the cool air to keep us alive in this crazy place they call the Central Valley).

Check. Check. Check. Not so much check (but saved for another day). AND CHECK!!

Here are some pics from our "DIY Kinda Saturday"! any sane DIY couple should...we started the day at the Farmers Market for a nice cup of coffee and...

Bacon on a stick. Yes is disgusting and life-alteringly amazing all at the same time!

From there...we got to business.

This was our old back garage door....please note the gapping empty whole in between the front and the back of the door. That is because it was hollow and basically made from construction paper. 
 Erik workin' real hard on our new beautiful door from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore!
Project 1...COMPLETE! Lookin' good!!
On to the window handles...what a hard workin' guy!

I was in charge of the "Red Door" project! 
 Um hot is that red door?! (and the guy behind it!)
 On to the living room "rearrange"! Here are some before and afters!



 Overall...I'd say one crazy awesome, super productive, and wonderful DIY Saturday! I think we are ALL a little tired.


  1. Very fun make over.....I LOVE the little round white table in the redo those seat cushions come off the Ikea love seat, maybe Momma can make some new ones next time you travel this way ?????

    Great red door....I might have to consider painting our front door...( not red) but something funky !!

  2. PS....I think the land lord should give you a discount on next months rent for all you did ! Seriously....ask him