Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Snap Happy!


I CAN NOT put my camera down!

Some might say that it has become like a really noticeable third arm or appendage that no one really knows how to respond to (like the drug dealers in the park yesterday who realized, at the same time as me, that I had caught them candidly in the act while I was snapping pictures Note to self...do not go to the park at sunset alone.)

Not only am I in love with my camera, but I have found that I am even more in love with capturing those moments in between the "picture perfect" moments.
You know what I'm talking about?
Those moments where the awkward laughing begins or the look of true love happens in a glimpse?

Those moments.
There is something so priceless about being able to see that in its raw and beautiful form.

All that to say, I have A LOT of learnin' to do! There is so much to be learned not just in the technical, but in the art of grasping that one fleeting and incomparable moment. It is like the kiss at the end of Breakfast at Tiffany's. You can't make up greatness like that. You just have to capture it.

So here are a few of the pictures that I have been taking.
I wanted to share them just to say...
I love moments like these.

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