Saturday, June 15, 2013

Give1Save1 Day 6 and another AWESOME FREE GIVEAWAY!!

So, for real peeps. When we said you all were awesome, we weren't joking.

And due to your overwhelming support and love, we made it WAY past $4000!!

As another way of thanking you all and another encouragement for getting the word out we have decided to giveaway...

An Erik Anderson original "many faces of Erik" 12-month calendar complete with themed season pictures! He mentioned something about Uggs.

(Ok, he literally said he would disown me if I didn't write that.)

But, for real...we actually do have something for you and I think you will love it! Because I do!!! And it is not just amazing, but it is for an amazing cause too!!

So, first person to write "You hit $5,000!" (when we hit $5,000) gets this:

This INCREDIBLE Arrow Necklace is from an INCREDIBLE company called "Story Company." They do amazing work to empower people all over the world to use their skills and creativity to make sustainable business and change! Check them out HERE for more information on all of the great things they do and the awesome products they help to provide! (Even if you DON'T win this necklace, you should just go buy it...or buy everything on this site because you will be obsessed!)

And then GO! Go like the wind and share our link!! Lets make this happen! Two Days left, people!!! WAHOO!!!


  1. You just left my house and I forgot to tell you how beautiful you looked this morning! The necklace is very pretty :)

    - Aimee :)