Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Give1Save1 South Africa Day 3!

You guys are ridiculous. Like, good way ridiculous!

Not only are people all over the world pouring out love all over this adoption process but we are leaping toward our goal and it has only been 2 full days!

We can't wait to see what God is going to do this week, because He is already blowing past our expectations!

So keep spreading the news, sharing the link, praying, talking, jumping up and down like a crazy person...whatever you have to do to keep this thing going! We want Facebook to call us and tell us to stop posting this link because it has been posted too much! :)

We can't thank you enough.

Some of our favorite people in the world helped us put together this little video for you to enjoy...

Here we go, Day 3!!!!


  1. Just clicked over from the Give1Save1 where I just finished watch your video. You guys are too precious and look like you'd be a blast to hang out with. Can't wait to keep up with your journey and "meet" your Cinderella princess...

  2. Let's see this adventure be taken to the Finish Line...and bring that Cinderella Princess home !