Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Common Courtesy Rule

I have made a very strong effort at being dedicated to consistent visits to the gym. So much so that I have crossed the line from just another common folk coming in for a workout to the girl people know when she walks in the door, who works out on the same elliptical, at about the same time of day. I forgot my gym pass the other day and got the "wave-through" as if to say "It's all good, Mrs. Anderson. We know you!"

And I have my routine.

I have my spot. My workout mix with a beautiful balance of Remixed Katy Perry pop hits and techno-infused worship jams. And I have my magazines.

Until today.

Saturdays can always be a "loose cannon" day at the gym due to the majority of people having the day off. However, lady with the sweat band around her forehead and towel draped over her shoulder like a pro, that doesn't mean common courtesy takes a day off.

Not only was my spot taken....along with all of the other ellipticals in the building...but Captain Marathon on the elliptical for an hour took EVERY GOOD MAGAZINE ON THE RACKS. And I actually mean, every single one. She had three set up on her machine and one on the bag behind her. Better Homes and Gardens, Oprah, Real Simple, and Entertainment Weekly.

And yes...they were all owned by the gym. (I say this because Erik sweetly suggested that she could have brought her own reading materials....which I promptly shot down because, remember....I am "known" at the gym, which makes me a knowledgeable gym pro...especially when it comes to the entertainment.)

This left me with "Wired." A tech magazine. Really?

I read the first page, almost fell off of my unfamiliar and somewhat more complicated gazelle type machine, and....


All this to say...I think that when people work out at a place that is shared communally with others who are just trying to do a little good for their being...we should all be courteous to those who need entertainment to make it through a 40 minute workout. Let's not be magazine hoarders.

Let's have a bit of common courtesy.

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