Wednesday, March 2, 2011

To bless You or to curse You?

As I was reading through my Bible today, I stumbled upon something I had written down from a song during my time in Youth With A Mission. I thought it only appropriate for today....

"There is a danger to You, a dimension too complex for the finite mind, an ocean to deep to be explored. This danger is Your allowance for my grief and suffering. It is a crushing that breaks the bones of my faith and I am cast down. And here there is a choice to make - to bless You or to curse You. To curse You would be to deny that there is any good in You at all; to believe that You have abandoned me in this violent human experience and that You will never come back to claim me. To hate you for leaving me here helpless and alone. But to bless You is to believe that though You are not safe, You are good. Completely good. And to bless You is to live surrendered to that which I don't understand about You. To walk, not run, into trust. To open all of my senses to You and let wonder and awe heal all of my wounds and restore my hope. And then to join the psalmist who said: 'I will extole the Lord at all times and His praise will always be on my lips. My soul will boast in the Lord, so let the afflicted hear and rejoice.'"

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  1. You were on my mind and in my heart all night long.......I will pray with you, wonder with you, cry with you, hope with you, and be there to remind you that God is a God of Mercy and Grace......through valleys and up to the mountain tops.