Sunday, June 5, 2011


Ok...have we all experienced Pinterest? And have we all decided that it should be called "Pin-obsession"? I can't stop, people. I have a serious problem. I'm a board and a pin away from checking myself into rehab. Or should we say (insert cheesy catchphrase) "Pin-hab"?

If you haven't heard about it...I apologize in advance. You will probably need to check into "pin-hab" with me once you do. My friend, Katie, introduced me. It was like a REALLY good blind date. One of those ones where you show up at a friend's house thinking that you are going to just hang out, but secretly they have invited over another friend that you don't know as they cross their fingers and hope for fireworks and shooting stars at first meet.

Like that.

Only better.

So, my friends...may I give you another reason to spend way to much time on the internet obsessing over things you love...


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  1. Well that was a freaking long introduction. Interesting it like etsy ?? I guess you have to become a member. Wonder if I could post some things for people to my angels or something ??