Monday, June 13, 2011

FRENZY!!!!! was nuts. It was crazy. It was energetic. But what else is to be expected from an event called "FRENZY"?

This past weekend was the much anticipated and muchly awesome 3 day Junior High event that rocks worlds and is talked about for generations and generations! The Frenzy is complete 7th and 8th grade madness from water games, inflatables and messy challenges to awesome worship, incredible memories, and way too many fast food dinners! This year was a total blast...mostly because we had a ton of amazing High Schoolers who volunteered their time to help out! I had such a great time with them being loud and crazy (far from my normal composed and quite self)!

This, being the 4th year that I have been a part of the Frenzy, was the 1st time that I came home on the first night and realized that I am not 17 anymore. I limped out of bed on Sunday morning and have been complaining of backaches and pulled muscles ever since. Who knows if I have it in me for another one...but goodness knows...this was one of my favs! Here are some pics of our awesome students...being awesome!!

And yes...that IS Erik in a lion costume.

What happens at the Frenzy, stays at the Frenzy.

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