Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spicin' Up the Laundry Phase 1 : The Plan

If I could change one thing about my apartment it would be...

Ok...let's be would be like a million things! This is a game that Erik and I often play when we don't want to talk about anything else. The answers usually end up somewhere around knocking walls down and ripping out floors. But seeing as a renter does not have these privileges...we are forced to become even more creative in doing not so permanent, inexpensive, uber-efficient fixes.

Which leads me to....THE EYESORE. Urban dictionary defines it as "something very ugly", using the word in a sentence, "Since you painted your house electric pink it has become the eyesore of the neighbourhood." I feel we have covered our definition bases.

My Electric Pink Eyesore would be the giant stackable washer/dryer unit in my kitchen. It is not pink...although that may add character. However, it is "a very ugly thing."

So, in an ever-challenging effort to transform a rentable space into a livable home...I would like to introduce our beginning summer project....HIDE THE EYESORE!

Right now, our plans are in the works...but here are a few photos of what we are thinking....
The plan includes plywood, paint, nails, screws, hammer, drill, saw, a curtain rod, and a curtain. Let the blueprints begin!!


  1. That is doable......could be fun, but it will block out the window light....too bad the whole thing can't be moved to the garage like that one lady has....then you would completely remove the eyesore and have extra counter space. Wow.....Wonder if it is worth a landlord ask ?

  2. What a good idea friend! You are just so smart! :)