Sunday, August 14, 2011

Semi-Extreme Home Makeover: Anderson Style

So, if any of you read my post on "Spicin' Up the Laundry" then you know that we have been working on a plan to transform our EYESORE of a Laundry/Kitchen into something a bit more stylish! Well...I would like to announce that the last 24 hours have been known as "The Great Transformation" in the Anderson apartment! Yesterday, Erik and I headed to Home Depot for paint and the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for an old door to build an enclosure for our laundry that awkwardly sits at the end of our kitchen. After some prepping last night, recruiting of the troops today, and two visits to JoAnn...we spent today painting, building, sewing, and recreating our kitchen! Ever want to know what you can do to your house for less than $100? Check out our Semi-Extreme Home Makeover: Anderson Style!




  1. So way cute !!! Much better to look at..and a whole new mini wall to hang something cute a fun hand towel or what not ! Love the new cabinet with the foggy doors.....GREAT Transformation !!!!!

  2. When I grow up, my house is looking like yours. :)