Friday, December 9, 2011

Reality Check.

Debt sucks.

Reality check #2.

When you realize that your debt is over a swimsuit coverup you had to have in 2006 that was so generously donated to Goodwill in 2007 because it was "so last season".

The truth is...we struggle. And I know a lot of people do. But for me, it is easier to justify debt from owning a house or raising a family over debt from splurging on too many superficial things.

And I guess now, more than ever, we are feeling stuck in the reality of our debt vs. our future family. That is a heavy burden. One that we placed on ourselves and now one that we have to deal with.

Dave Ramsey (a great and wise man who offers relief from debt for many families) tells you to start with the snowball effect. The "pay off the little things first to gain momentum" idea.

Well, what happens while you are waiting for the snow to fall so you can begin making your snowball?

It is hard to find momentum when you feel like every time you start, you hit another road block. Whether it is a car breaking down or a medical bill that needs to be payed...sometimes it just seems like too much.

Don't get me wrong...we are SO blessed! God has completely offered provision to us in amazing ways and through amazing people.

This is just one of our realities right now. A hard but true reality and one that we are looking at face to face and ready to change.


  1. It is so true...a hard hole to sometimes crawl out of, but as long as you are steadfast and continue to look at all the will survive...and conquer !

  2. Jessa! It's fun to read your blog. :) I can totally sympathize with you plight. My vice is travel over things. I will drop everything and pay just about anything for a great trip. Have you read Dave Ramsey's book? I read it, was inspired and now listen to his podcast to keep me on track. Before the snowball, comes the $1000 emergency fund so you aren't forced (or tempted) to go into debt like a car breakdown etc. Anyway, I don't want to get preachy, I'm just passionate about it. I still have $11k (thanks NPU) but have made some big steps, the biggest being my mindset. Keep it up, girl!

  3. Thanks Jessie! I is a constant battle but seems a bit easier when you take it in stride! We just finished paying off one of our small debts and it felt soooo good!! And yes...the emergency fund is for sure a must in our household...especially when you drive ghetto cars! HA! Thanks for the encouragement!