Saturday, May 12, 2012


No, friends, this is not a cry for help because our ship is going down.

And no...this is not me about to breakout into Rhianna lyrics (although I should seriously reconsider that option).

Let's just say it is more like a simple equation to my life.

I forgot how much I miss driving in the car by myself. Since we sold our second car, there aren't a lot of moments where it is just me and the road for an extended amount of time. I love the sweet moments that I have with Erik when we do drive around together but let's be honest...I'm somewhat of a free bird. I like to fly alone sometimes. Straight up.

Since today's photo shoots took me from the Central Valley to the Bay Area and then to the Foothills of the Sierras, you could say that I had quite a bit of time to myself. Just me and the 1990 Toyota Corolla. The car of champions.

I discovered as I drove that my most favorite things to do when I'm driving alone can be summed up in the often misused but always important acronym: S.O.S.

So here you have it...

S: Sing
Sing your heart out. Sing at the top of your lungs. Try to figure out songs you don't really know and be okay with being completely out of tune or totally hitting the wrong note because you aren't sure where the song really goes.

But here is the secret to my "alone time singing". I don't do it to songs on the radio or on a CD. That is right, folks. I go "au natural". And it is usually to the tune of Frank Sinatra. Watch out, Ole Blue Eyes. You've got competition.

O: Observe
This part usually results in a lot of swerving and a one to many "close calls" but I find it to be worth it. (Disclaimer: I haven't gotten into an accident yet, so this is subject to change if the situation arises.)

It is good for the soul to look around. And contrary to popular belief, that Ford Taurus in front of you with the 3 old ladies on a day trip driving 25 miles/hour under the speed limit really isn't worth the road rage.

I think that we miss out on a lot. You never know when you are going to see something really incredible...or maybe not so incredible...but just refreshing.

Today, I observed about 200 cows, one of which was chewing the fence on the side of the road. Maybe not incredible, but it definitely made me smile.

S: Stop
We are busy people. I get that. I am seriously busy ALL OF THE TIME. But that doesn't mean that we don't have time to stop on the side of the road and take in some fresh air and maybe some fresh vision. I often stop when I am driving alone.

This makes Erik really frustrated because usually he is waiting for me to get home or worried about why I am stopping on a dirt road in the middle of no where by myself. Valid.

But today, I stopped...just for a moment. I stopped because I was thankful for the time to do just that. And because a lot of times, in all of my busyness, I forget how much beauty is really all around me.

So don't be afraid to S.O.S. every now and then. 

It is like the Chicken Soup for the Soul of the 21 Century. Promise. 



  1. That was a really nice post and I loved reading it. And cute pictures! :)

  2. Jessa, you have such an awesome way of looking at the world!