Saturday, May 19, 2012

That Binder Be Talkin' Jazz...

I feel like I'm in 4th grade again.

In 4th grade we made Missouri Notebooks. That would be like 50 solid pages of facts and famous people from Missouri. Everything from the Bluebird to Mark Twain. (You may not know, but Missouri is kickin!)

Only this binder is not about Missouri. And the facts are not along the lines of making a raft to sail down the Mississippi.

This binder is our life.
Every. Last. Detail.

May I introduce you to...the Dossier.

That would be doss-e-ay (for those of you who, like me before 2 months ago, called it something that sounded more like a reindeer).

Basically, this is every last detail of our lives - certified, notarized, state sealed, and making it possible for us to adopt from Ethiopia. And it is....well...a bit intimidating. And by a bit, I mean...a lot.

And let me tell you, this guy LOVES to talk jazz. Like the kid that shoots spitballs at you while you are taking your Algebra test. Nasty. Just plain ole nasty.

So, how does one go about taking down this giant?

You got it. One shiny little plastic page protector at a time.

We have taken our trips to the doctors, the courthouse, the banks, written our letters to the Secretary of States from Iowa and Missouri, made stupid amounts of copies and notarized the majority of our documents (thanks to the incredible blessing of a awesomely gracious friend and notary who offered to help us out)!

We aren't done yet. We still have Immigration and a few other documents that we are waiting on. But every time I check off a little box on our Dossier Checklist, I feel a bit stronger. A bit more confident. And a bit closer.

It is like the first time that you jump off of the really high diving board at the pool. Not the regular one, but the one that is like 20 stories high or something ridiculous like that. The first time you jump, it is terrifying. Straight up, wet your pants a little, crazy scary. But, once you jump...once you know you are capable of doing gets easier. It just takes the first jump. It really isn't as bad as it looks.

The Dossier...

It's all bark.

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