Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Traveling the World...One Plate at a Time.

Hanging out with High School students is the best. Especially when it means you get to try new things.

Me and a few of the wonderful ladies from our High School group have made it a habit to get together for dinner once a month and try out the awesome cultures of food that Modesto has to offer. Surprisingly, there are quite a few!

Anthony Bourdain...move over!!

So far, we've hit up the All-American/Greek pita, Japanese Sushi, and fine Indian cuisine complete with dinner time Bollywood entertainment!

We try to find places that the majority of our circles of friends and family don't go. No chain restaurants allowed.

It is awesome!

There is nothing like sitting around a table and experiencing food and culture that we don't usually partake in or, in most cases, are too scared to try. It is quite the thrill waiting to see what each dish will look like when it comes to the table!
As we eat, we come up with crazy ideas of the next places that we will stumble upon in our travels!

So far on the docket we have Authentic Italian, Thai, and...Russian?

However, the best the great conversations we have, the life experiences that we talk about, and the time we spend just being "world travelers".

Often times, the best part of traveling isn't even the places you go. It is the people you are with and those that you meet in the process.

And these people are some of the world's finest.


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