Saturday, September 1, 2012

One Man's Trash...

I saw a picture of a nursery on Pinterest a while back and became quickly obsessed with...oh...I don't know...EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!
Usually the one downside to finding these pictures of amazing rooms is that they are comprised of items bought at places like Anthroplogie and Pottery Barn. This limits my ability to swoon for too long before I get super frustrated with my internet searches to remake the room exactly as pictured in relationship to my bank account balances.
But I guess that is when the creativity kicks in, making way to many "close calls" in the car as I check out garage sales while driving. (Highly Recommended with Caution!)
I have, for the last couple of months, been on the hunt for a chair similar to the one that is in this dream room. Please refer to picture below.

Everything I found was just too expensive or just too...horrible. Nothing seemed to meet the happy medium of workable. Until today. 
On the way home from a worship meeting at church this morning, I drove past a garage sale sporting eye catching orange arm chairs in the front yard. I quickly drove home and recruited Erik to go back with me (I use him for his muscles and money...ow ow!) to see what kind of wheelin' and dealin' we could do.
I don't know if it was our dashing good looks, winning personalities, or just their wanting to be rid of this incredible orange rocking arm chair, but we walked away with this gem for $15. 
15 bucks, people! 

So, I realize that this may require some creativity...but isn't that the fun in turning someone's trash into your own little treasure? A treasure that is sure to be used many times for rocking, reading, sleeping, and loving.  

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  1. Nice score! Gramma Bea would be so proud of you!