Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Beginning of a Shark Week-Kind-of-Life!

So, I have all these friends that have blogs. Also...a lot of friends that start blogs when they have kids. Lets get this straight...I'm not having a kid. At least not anytime soon. But, as I've been reflecting over my life, I'm realizing that maybe I have more to write about than I thought. You see...my husband and I DO have kids. 

Approximately 170.

Ranging from the ages of 12-21.

How is this possible? Try working in Youth Ministry. It is very possible. 

And as many parents know, it is a challenge when one parent is gone. Which would be my scenario as of Sunday. The husband is at Bethel Seminary in Minnesota for two weeks. 

That leaves me alone with the kids. And that is where I begin my philosophy. 

Live every week like it is Shark Week! Some great advice I took in while filling my time with old seasons of 30 Rock. 

What exactly does this mean, you ask? Simple.

Live in anticipation of the most exciting and ridiculously amazing things you have ever seen unfold before your very eyes. Sometimes terrifying, sometimes very dramatic, sometimes even downright ridiculous! But always holding the notion that when you walk away, you will be a little more prepared the next time you step out into that huge ocean! 

And so, with a husband who is away, kids that need my attention and guidance, and nothing to do at night when I get home (other than watch 30 Rock), I would like to say...

Hello Blogging World. 

Let Shark Week begin! 


  1. This is my favorite thing about February 8th. Ever.

  2. Yippeeeeeeee.....I love that I can hear more about your life. It is better than text messages ! Love you.........momma H

  3. So fun friend! I can't believe I didn't see this a week ago! I love it! With all of my heart! :)

    Also, I miss you.

    Also, if you started it when Erik is away does that mean this stops when he comes back?