Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gearing Up

Oh my. What is the date? With the mixture of church fundraisers, photo sessions, mission trip planning, housesitting, and finishing up all of our last steps for our home study....

I have completely neglected this little blog. Poor guy.

But now that I have a some-what rainy day and nothing to do (for approximately 12 hours), I can confidently say that I am back!

And we are TOTALLY gearing up...for A LOT!
We have exactly 6 days until our last home study meeting and exactly 7 days until our Mini Session Fundraiser! Oh geez.

Last night, a few incredible ladies came over to help put together some of the backgrounds that we are making for the Mini Sessions. We got one background completed and parts of another...but mostly, we spent time laughing, talking life around a great spread of food, and enjoying each other's creativity and wisdom. It was soul filling at its finest!

And although I didn't get any pictures of the hotties working...I captured a few of what we did and a couple shots of my models showing off how awesome the background looks when you snap a photo!

Thanks ladies for your help!! I'm so excited for next weekend!

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