Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fundraising for Adoption????

When we first set out on the adoption of the hardest things to look at face to face was the cost. It almost seems like paired up next to "parenthood", the cost is the WAAAAY scarier and WAAAAYY more unknown! I feel like that is a little twisted.

I'm not going to lie, I have had days where I have thought "I love that we are adopting but I hate that most people who have natural born kids don't have to come up with $30,000 to do it." There is a part of me that feels like it is unfair. That is just an honest moment.

When you feel God call you into something, there are usually 2 things that you can do.

1. Ignore it and pretend like you don't feel the nudges that He keeps giving you...which let's be honest...could probably get quite annoying after a while.

2. Follow. Follow and step forward with CRAZY amounts of trust.

Sometimes, I feel like the first choice is easier because it is way more tempting to just ignore something than it is to actually do something about it.

In our first meeting with Bethany Christian Services, our social worker handed us a packet of a whole bunch of different banks that do Adoption Loans. It seemed like that would be a quick cork in the money problem if that is what direction we wanted to go.

Keep in mind, in the adoption process, it is not like a "Here is the huge chunk of money that you will have to pay and you can just pay it off as you feel led." It is more of a "Here is the amount you owe, pay it and we will move to the next step."

So, in my mind...Adoption Loan = Yes!

Then the whole trust thing came into play. We have had some close and important people in our lives talk with us about the Adoption Journey. Their advice?

"Don't do a loan. Trust God for the money. Because if God has brought you into this calling, He will not use debt to accomplish it."

Ok. That looks theoretically AWESOME on paper. Not so much when a bill is looking you in the face for double the amount that you have in your bank account.

So, I have struggled to come to a place where I can confidently say that I trust God to work in some really incredible ways to make this happen. Which is funny...because He has provided in amazing ways already throughout each step of this journey!

I have also really struggled with the fact that we have to ask others around us to support us.
Because seriously, I know very few people who love to ask others, in your most vulnerable state, for help. And I know even less people who LOVE asking for financial support. It is awkward, uncomfortable, and subject to serious judgement.

So if you have ever questioned why someone is fundraising for adoption, have considered fundraising for adoption, or are in the process of doing so...

This is where we have personally landed on this matter...

We can't do it by ourselves. We are doing everything that we can and making every sacrifice that we can make to save money and move forward. But we can't do it alone.

And we don't believe we were called to do it alone. We believe that God has put us in a spot to minister to others and allow others to minister to us. To humble ourselves enough to recognize that we are not in control, that we have to fully trust God, and that it is okay to ask for help in this calling that is not just about us, but about an orphan, and ultimately about living out the gospel.

So is fundraising for adoption okay?

I believe it is more than okay. I believe it is the body of Christ at its finest.


  1. I know this is a bit late but I loved what you said about raising money. I have been reading very negative blogs from people who think that raising money for adoption is a terrible thing. I am looking to do the same thing once I choose a country. Ethiopia was/is my first choice however I am hearing that the process may have slowed down so I am researching alternative as well.

    1. I'm so glad that you were able to find some encouragement from here! I know that there is a lot of negative feedback from fundraising for adoption, but there is also a ton of positive! If you haven't already, I would recommend reading the book "Adopt Without Debt". It is a great resource and really great insight into Adoption Fundraising. Also, don't be afraid to start as soon as possible! The best advice that I was given was to bring people into your story as early as you can...because you will need all the support you can get (not just financially!). We just recently found out that the Ethiopian process has lengthened quite a bit (waiting time is now up to 31 months), but we know that it is exactly where we are supposed to be adopting from...even though it is really hard. Many blessings to you in your process and choosing! No matter where you land, I know that you and that child will be so blessed!

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  3. Hi Jessa! We are very early in our adoption process - not even set up w/ our family coordinator yet. We really have no idea at this point how we're going to pay for the whole thing, and that amount of faith seems so scary! But, I guess that's sort of the point of faith, huh? I just wanted to tell you that I love this post, and I'm thankful that you shared your thoughts so eloquently.

    -Megan (don't know why it puts my blog name as my name...)

    1. Hey Megan!
      Thanks for your comment and welcome to the wonderful world of adoption! :) I love getting to meet people who are joining the journey and willing to take the leap of faith that it often takes to embark. I just want to encourage you by letting you know that it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE! We are in the middle of 2 adoptions right now and trusting God to lead us through it debt-free, which at the beginning we thought would be impossible. But it is totally possible!!! God has showed up in so many crazy ways and people have stepped up and wrapped their arms around us in ways we never thought imaginable! If you haven't already, grab the book "Adopt Without Debt" by Julie Gumm. It is an incredible resource and has helped us out so much! Whatever the case, remember that God is on a rescue mission and He is so faithful! (Even when we struggle with our "leaps of faith"!)
      Looking forward to hearing more about your journey!

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  5. Thanks for sharing! Such a good read. I've recently discovered the great work Tony Charalambides and the Listen Fundraising team are doing! They aim to raise £20,000 for the Damilola Taylor trust - if they manage to reach the target, they will match every penny and donate it. I really hope they manage to achieve this, it will help make such a difference with the charity!